Tuesday, July 29, 2014

good morning!

I am not a morning person.  It's true.  I don't mind the morning, it just doesn't come easily for me.  So, I've tried to get really creative in my attempts to wake up and get going each day; one of the greater challenges I face!  Recently, I've taken to using songs in my iTunes library as my alarm, but picking the right song is tricky.  Do I go with a lively favorite or something a little softer to ease into the day?  No matter what song I choose, it seems to pretty much end up on a list of "I Don't Like These Songs Anymore".

Fortunately, I think I've finally found the perfect song!  Not long ago I stumbled upon "Let them See You" by the JJ Weeks Band, a beautiful song with a message that speaks to my heart and soul, and reminds me of my daily purpose.  It is a very peaceful way to start my day, feeling grounded and connected.  It's amazing that something so simple has proven to have such an impact on giving me not only a wakeup call, but also a daily inspiration.

To see a video of this song, you can click the link below:

Photo: thank you Miss Daley Smith

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