Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Poppy!

My dad was a supreme baseball fan. When I was little, he would take our family to see the Rangers play every summer, and when my son was born, my dad made sure that he took Dane to see Nolan Ryan pitch every year until his retirement. When Dane was in 4th grade, he chose to portray Nolan Ryan in the school's Living Museum exhibit. On the morning of the Living Museum performance, my dad showed up on our doorstep at 6:00 a.m. He had driven into town (an hour's drive) to deliver an important artifact for the big day. When I opened the door, he was standing there with a baseball, autographed by Nolan Ryan, for Dane. Although he couldn't come to the Living Museum, he wanted Dane to have something really special for his exhibit. Dane was thrilled, and I (obviously) never forgot that touching act. What a great Poppy!
Today is October 19, 2010, and the Texas Rangers are playing in the club's first playoff series in their history. Today also would have been my dad's 68th birthday. I can't think of a gift he would have loved more than a Rangers playoff win! Happy birthday, daddy!

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