Friday, October 8, 2010

Day Life Lessons

My daddy was proud and very strong in his opinions and beliefs. I've taken many of his life lessons to heart and made them my own. And the other ones.... well, they just make me laugh... Day girls have class.

Always vote. It's what we do.

A boy will rue the day he lets you go.

Wear nice shoes. People notice your shoes, especially on first impressions.

You're not ready to take your family skiing until you can flush a $100 bill without wincing.

Blue Bell ice cream is best eaten with a tiny spoon.

A man's got his needs.

To wake up, put "feet on the floor".

Never stick your tongue to the inside of a freezer.

I don't have a high arch, it's actually a "Day heel".

After a long day on the slopes, it's good to "ski the bar".

Sometimes, love can best be expressed with "a hun".

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