Monday, February 13, 2012


2.12.12... Isn't it funny how you wait and wait for your birthday, even when you're supposed to be a grown up?  For a lot of reasons, I decided a long time ago not to grow up.  Maybe loving my birthday is one of those reasons.  And really, it's not about anything other than the thrill of the sound of the date.  February 12th has always been my favorite day of all days.  I just love it.  I love the sound of it...  I love the feel of it.  Usually, I love it because I know that spring is so near.  But this year.... what a surprise!  Snow on my birthday!  I promise I've never seen snow on February 12th before!  It made for such an extra special day.  I love February 12th because.... it makes me feel good inside, I smile bigger, I'm eager to get out of bed, and I stay up as late as I can.  I just want to maximize every second of the day... because it's the best day of the whole year.  I look at life & everyone differently, and I feel joy in my heart.  And today, just as every other February 12th in my life, I know that I've been blessed beyond measure.  I have a family that I love, a boundless number of friends that surround me, and every good thing in my life is a gift from God.  

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